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Even if I didn’t get all I wanted to out of the camp it was worth every second I was here. I couldn’t have asked for better PC’s and better friends. So if for nothing else my experience was for the people.

And it was great.

Stereotypes in multimedia

I think that stereotypes are definitly still around, I personally don’t think that they will ever be gone. I think that it is impossible to portray a specific race perfectly for whites or blacks or native american etc. Now we can get close and I think that we are getting a little closer, I think that there are becoming much more variety of roles for each ethnicity group.

I think that gender stereotypes

multitasking and media

I don’t exactly believe in multitasking, there was a study that my mom had told me about. It had basically said that you can’t actually multitask, and the way I took it and understood it was that you can’t give full attention to more than one thing at a time. You can’t give the attention needed to retain the information, to two things at a time.

However believing in that I still think that you can let multiple things do some thinking for you while you give your attention to the things that matter. For instance, at my school we do a lot af research to a topic for the class

generation like

This is all really kind of discouraging to me because of how much I’m finding that I can’t really answer any of these blogs with the answers that you’re looking for. I feel that because of how little I let any sort of media influence me I can’t answer these questions. I guess I’m saying I don’t know how to answer these questions.

Personal Story: Cori Gill

Even breaking her arm couldn’t stop Cori from cheering. She has proved herself to be determined, diligent, and a devoted cheerleader.

She moved from Phoenix Arizona to Torrington Wyoming, she was bummed to find that there was no cheer program. Starting the summer before her freshman year she was fixiated on getting a cheer program, and by the end of the summer.

“When I went into highschool a cheer program wasn’t offered, so that summer before my freshman year I emailed everyone of importance to fund a cheer program for torrington highschool”.

She has now finished her sophmore year and has cheered both years of highschool.

Listen to Cori

Media and Body Image

I really don’t have much to say about magazines just because I’ve never had anything to do with them. This is really the first time I’ve ever paid any attention to them, so I find my self almost confused when trying to talk about them.

However from the couple of facts we read I can say that they are making and image based off of what we find attractive, which causes issues because the average model is actually nowhere near similar to what the average teenage girl or women is. Same story for men, the average model man is over six feet and is much lighter than the average male anywhere else.

Now all of these magazines

Interveiw Experience

Interviewing someone can be difficult, pretty much depending on who the person is. I think no matter what, it is going to be awkward in some way shape or form. Not that it’s a bad thing, but at the same time it’s not a good thing I think that awkwardness is just kind of there. I think what makes a good interview is how well you coupe with it and how easy you make it for the interviewed person to handle. Making it a conversation can be very helpful and being very friendly, one thing I really try to do is come up with as many questions that I can based off their answer to the last question. Then once I’m happy with the conversation I move on to the next question on my list.

Now as far as my experience goes I thought that we were trying to be a little to professional, we got and gave good information and and answered the questions very well but I think that it wasn’t quite a conversation between friends anymore.  But on the other hand it may have just been the fact that we were focusing to answer the questions to the best of our ability.

It’s hard to say what the best and worst part of the experience was just because there wasn’t much of an experience. But I think that if I was going to pick something I’d pick the fact that I got to talk about something I love and the worst part would be that I didn’t get to talk longer about it.

Like I said earlier I think the best peice of advice I would give is try to come up with new questions based of the answers you get from the last question. Which also happened to be what I learned in the interveiw.